The Time is Now!

Hello my Diva darlings, it is I, Eyvonne your Funky Diva!

This month I want to speak to you about PROCRASTINATION….such an ugly word or state of affairs.
I want you to know that I only bring this up because, well, I suffer from this particular affliction.  If you are anything like me then WE NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE!
I am going through some personal assessment and this, dis-ease is at the top of my list of things to address and find a workable solution.
It’s not that I don’t know what I want to do, oh I know the things that I NEED to do or at least want to get done.  It just seems that my list is longer than the day, week or month.  Does this sound familiar to you?  Even now as I write this little, let’s call it “Tool of Support and Direction”, I have things that I NEED to get done!  Let me give you some idea of what I am speaking of…..
1.       I am at work and well, yes I should be doing tasks that help me to KEEP MY JOB!
2.       I need to design, construct and prepare jewelry for my Sports & Holiday season sells (not sure what the designs are going to be…stay tuned)
3.       My production and design studio needs a "bit of love" BEFORE I can start to make anything
4.       I purchased a gym membership (oh don’t give me that face) and I should be going, but it is too beautiful outside to be inside.  I’ll go in the cooler months…REALLY, I WILL!

Okay, I think you get the picture…
There is always so much to take care of, I got it!  I will clone myself!  That’s it!  Seriously, I have decided to take steps to help myself combat this very real and hazardous dis-ease.  I figured if I have it, someone else has to have it too.
I did a bit of research and found a few little tidbits that if we take it slow and steady we may be able to eradicate the little bugger. 
Here goes……..

·         Forgive yourself for procrastinating in the past.  – I know, it’s not easy, but you can do it!  Say it with me now, “I Forgive myself for Procrastinating”.   Doesn’t that feel GOOD?  I know you are wondering, “What in the world is that going to do”?  Well, it sets up your mind to accept the new foundation that you are trying to establish by helping to rephrase your internal dialog.
·         Put it in writing – I am a pen & paper type of person.  I know if I write it down I will usually do it.
·         Break it down – Don’t try to do everything all at once.  Pick out a few things/tasks you want to accomplish for the day and do those.  Don’t try to do it all in one day.
·         Praise each little step – Congratulate yourself when you have completed something that you needed to do.  Even give yourself a reward of some kind.  Make it small for small things and something big for those tasks that you really have a hard time even putting on the “To Do List”
·         Figure out what feelings/emotions are causing you to “put it off” - This clears the clutter in your mind and heart so that you can grow and move on to the next thing.
·         Get an “Accountability Partner” – someone who is close enough to you that they will not mind not only helping you out but who will not become offended when you responded, let’s say not so kindly to their prodding. 
·         Add Specific Deadlines to your tasks – Need I explain, I didn’t think so……
·         Remove the Distractions - Yes that means no Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube, unless the project involves those apps.
·         Try the 5 minute rule or whatever time frame works for you. (shorter/longer) - Set a timer and do all you can for that particular task and when the timer goes off, STOP!  Determine whether or not you need more time.  If so, take a small break and then reset the timer and go at it, again.

Okay, you get the picture!
The other thing I want to mention….Now listen up… I want you to REALLY HEAR ME on this one…Are you ready?


Procrastination can stem from:
1.       Being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start and trying to DO IT ALL AT ONCE!
2.       Fear of Failure – In my experience, failure is the road to success if you just keep driving!
3.       Excessive Perfectionism – LOL, If, you are not Jesus Christ, You my dear are not Perfect! It’s okay…
4.       Low Energy Levels – Well maybe I should re-think the gym thing.  Get the rest that you need.  Go to bed early.  You really are not missing anything you can’t catch up on tomorrow.  You can “binge watch” Scandal or Game of Thrones on the week-end.
5.       A Lack of Focus – Don’t try to do too much or too many things at one time or in one day.  (See dot #3) 

So I leave you with this my Diva’s:

“Determine to live your life with Flair & Laughter”
And as always, stay “Fabulously Funky”


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