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Article #9

Happy Fall my beautiful Divas!
Summer is gone by the wayside here in the Pacific Northwest.  It gave us one final smile on Saturday and then said ado.

I don’t know about you but, I hate to see summer leave yet I do enjoy the fall, as long as I can snuggle up to my honey with a beautiful fire, an adult beverage of my choice and I am good!  That is my comfort zone.  This time of year does not bring to mind going out to “play” so to speak.  It speaks of hibernation and comfy places to just let you chill out.

As much as I love to snuggle and be by the fire this time of year is usually by far my busiest time of year.   So I have grown to appreciate those times I get to lounge around so much more.  This time of the year brings lots of events, lots of work to prepare for the events and a lot of organization.  I have picked up a few new things to add to my schedule for the fall that has quite frankly challenged my comfort zone.

We all have things to do and get done and I was wondering, do you find yourself just wanting to stop the clock just for a few minutes to just catch your breath?!  You can’t see me, but, I am jumping up and down for that.  I just need a little breathing room sometimes. 

Me pulling out my hair!
Okay!  It may not be as bad as that but that is how I feel sometimes.  I know I am not alone ladies!

So this month I want to focus on giving us some tools to navigate the “overwhelm” that sometimes attacks us.  Now I am going to say this up front…..”I found ALL of these techniques on the web.”  I chose ones that sounded doable and really relaxing and you could do for yourself and you could alter them to have a friend join in….I vote for the “have a friend do them with you”.  I’m just saying.  So here are a few little tips to help you step out of that craziness you call “normal”

1.     Go Solo Every Now & Again
If that to-do list is ruling your life it might be time to put it to the side for a day.  Schedule a day off.  Yes, you read that right.  You schedule everything else.  Take out the little calendar, pull up the calendar app on your phone and schedule the day off!  No chores or responsible woman tasks allowed.  Wake up, have breakfast and sit around in your jammies binge watching your favorite program. Or better yet, go back to bed and watch it.

2.     Act Like the Kid You Know You Are
Regress!  For a wonderful lift of your mood, do whatever it was that gave you joy when you were a kid, before the confusion of the teenage years.  Play in the dirt, skip, jump rope, skate, draw or color in a coloring book or play with your daughter’s dolls or your sons pick-up trucks.  As a little girl I would help my grandmother in the garden by taking away the weeds in the back of my little bright yellow Tanka Dump Truck.  Yep, I was all into it too!  (Big Smile)

3.    Turn Up the Jams, Baby!
Music is the best thing to elevate a mood.  It has been proven to get your heart rate and brain up and paying attention!  You know what gets you going, so turn it on and turn it up and shake what your Momma gave you!  Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake your booty!! Shake your BOOTY!

4.    Friends with & without Tails
Got a dog or a cat?  No.  Got a girlfriend that would not mind playing hooky for a day?  Good!  Either one of them will do.  Sometimes time just sitting loving your fuzzy buddy is all you need; and then there are those times that hanging out with you Gal-pal doing stuff that appeals to only you guys is the ticket. 

5.     Read a Book
Self-explanatory.  Find a novel you have been meaning to read and do it!  Just watch the tension melt away.

6.    Meditate
Last but not least, meditate.  Find a quiet spot and close your eyes.   Take a deep breath through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.  Do this about 5 times and you can create a peaceful feeling within you when you have no time to do all of the other stuff mentioned. 

Okay, I think you can handle it from here! 

Football season has started and I am doing Pop-ups at all of the Seahawks Sunday home games @ 4th & Royal Brougham.  You see which other home games I will be there at:  I am also doing a few vendor shows in the area.  My biggest this year for the holiday season is the Emerald Downs Holiday & Gift Show on Saturday, November 10th & Sunday, November 11, 2018, 10 am – 4 pm each day at Emerald Downs Race Track in Auburn, WA.  I have been a vendor there for 4 years now and it is always a fun event for kids (Santa is there) and us not so much in the kid category anymore.  It has 2 floors of vendors with wonderful handmade items that will be a treasure for your friends and family for holiday gifts.   I will have some free tickets to give away later this month, so stay tuned!

Well that is all for now.
As always, Stay Fabulously Funky, my beautiful Divas!
Your Funky Diva,



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