Funky Diva - INSPIRATION! Article #2

Hello Divas!  I’m back!
I’ve been pondering about Inspiration lately….As a designer this is a huge part to how I create the pieces that you are so gracious enough to acquire. But there are times when I am lacking inspiration.  On those occasions I try to reset my mind’s eye and go to some place that has great visuals.  I like color so going to an art exhibit is refreshing to my psyche.  How others see and perceive color.  How one color is paired with something that I never would have paired it with will trigger designs with color patterns in my brain and away we goooooo………
·         So with Spring 2018 rolling in very soon, what Inspires You?
·         What puts a “Spring” (pun intended) in your step?
·         What calls to your spirit in the time of new beginnings with the world coming alive and the shedding of the old?

Here are some things that get this Diva going and maybe they might do the same for you or at least get you to thinking…
With winter leaving and spring bringing in new life, I enjoy going to the Botanical Gardens to see, smell and take a few pictures of the new blooms.  Here in the Pacific Northwest there is the Tulip’s Festival held in Mt. Vernon, WA   You can fest your eyes on some of the most beautiful blooms!  It is a color overload for sure!
Next up, the Ocean!  Water calls to me even in the winter time.  It is one of the most calming forces for me.  I love to sit and watch the sun make the little wave crests shimmer like diamonds.  The different colors that flow from green to blue.  I can just let the breeze bring me the wonderful ocean smells and take my imagination on a journey; which helps me see new creations in my mind.  I travel to Ocean Shores, WA
Parks are another favorite and it is not just for the trees, grass and shrubs.  It’s the people.  When the sun comes out so do the folks.  We as women, breakout of the heavy coats, boots and clothes for something more feminine, like dresses!  There is nothing like seeing a confident woman strutting her stuff in a beautiful outfit.  I like to watch the heads that turn.  The smiles that she receives, the complements that make her light up and smile. I leave in Seattle, WA and it has no shortage of parks for your enjoyment.  I have two favs, Gene Coulon Memorial Park and Shilshole Bay Marina.  They both have water views, beach and picnic areas with lots of people to view.
Well, with all of that said, I think it is time to do a little “Inspiration” journey of my own.
Remember to go out there and be FABULOUSLY FUNKY!
~~E your Funky Diva!


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